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Top Benefits of Chiropractic Care After a Collision

Top Benefits of Chiropractic Care After a Collision

Did you know that nearly 3 million people in the U.S. are injured in car accidents each year? Some of those injuries can go unnoticed for days or even weeks after a collision occurs. To be sure that you are not suffering a serious injury, it’s always important to visit a chiropractor shortly after an accident.

5 Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor After an Accident

While car companies have spent the last few decades making vehicles safer to drive, there are limited safety features in a car that protect the head, neck and back from being injured. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to stop the head from jerking back and forth during a collision. Your chiropractor will do a full body evaluation and identify any issues they see. 

The most important benefits of chiropractic therapy include:

5. Reduce Headaches and Migraines

One of the most common injuries people experience after an accident are headaches and migraines. Because the head jerks back forth so quickly during a crash, the head and neck become more susceptible to an injury.

Chiropractors treat headaches and migraines almost every day. There are several techniques, including spinal adjustments and massage therapy, that help release any tense muscles causing you this pain.

4. Prevent Tissue Scarring & Inflammation

Another common issue people face is swelling in the neck and spine. Inflammation is your body’s way of telling you that you’ve been injured. If you’re experiencing any heat or swelling in your neck or back after your accident, you should see a chiropractor right away.

Chiropractors can also help reduce any tissue scarring. Chiropractic manipulation is one of the safest ways to help remodel scar tissue so that it starts healing correctly.

3. Increase Your Range of Motion

Being injured after an accident can severely impact your range of motion and make everyday tasks feel like chores. Even walking, sitting or sleeping may become unbearable to do.

Muscles are known to stiffen up after a crash, mainly to prevent any further damage from happening. To get them moving again, your chiropractor will help your muscles relax and start functioning properly again.

2. Receive an Attorney Referral

Sometimes, you may be dealing with the legal system after your accident. It’s important to note that chiropractors work closely with personal injury attorneys. If you were recently injured in an accident, talk to an attorney to make sure you are given the right information, says The Advocates Injury Attorneys.

At 360 Chiropractic, we have experience working with injury lawyers in the local community. We can refer you to a car accident lawyer who will get you the best outcome and work with you each step of the way.

1. Avoid Long-term Pain & Medical Procedures

Certainly, the most common reason to visit a chiropractor after an accident is to help avoid long-term pain. Car collisions can cause untold damage to the body, especially in the neck, back and spine.

A study performed on patients that suffered whiplash injuries showed that 45%-85% of people with those injuries had symptoms five years after the accident had occurred.  And 82% of them had a straightening or reversal of the normal neck curvature. 

Temporary solutions, such as pain relievers and medication only mask the real problem at hand. Chiropractic therapy is a holistic treatment method that not only gets to the root of the problem, it helps alleviate your pain as well.

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Author: Ashley Nave 


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