The Webster Technique

Chiropractic care is essential for the pregnant mother. Her systems and organs are now providing for two and their optimal function is critical for the baby's healthy development. The mother's spine and pelvis undergoes many changes and adaptations to compensate for the growing baby and the risk of interference to her nervous system is increased. Specific Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy works with enhancing the nervous system function providing greater health potential for both mother and baby.
The Webster Technique is a specific Chiropractic adjustment for pregnant mothers. Working to correct sacral subluxations, this technique balances pelvic muscles and ligaments in the woman's pelvis, which may have a positive affect on labor disorders. Dr. Webster, the creator of this technique and founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), instructed many Doctors of Chiropractic in the Webster Technique. 
Both Dr. George and Dr. Stefanie are proficient in the Webster Technique and are certified in Pediatrics.
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