We value our patients' experience at 360 Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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  • "Great Experience!

    They are not only professional but they show empathy for your chiropractic needs. The office is ran by warm and personable administrators. I came with serious issues with my hips, to where I couldn’t move at times, now I am very mobile. I come 2x’s per month to maintain my hips and other minor issues that can arise with over doing it. I have been a patient for a year now and will continue my treatments here."
  • "Unparalleled

    Having much experience with many specialties of medicine, the quality of care and sincere concern for others is unparalleled. They create a familial atmosphere such that you look forward to your next appointment to visit with them.Having several military service related disabilities, I had become accustomed to pain, discomfort, and limitation. My quality of life was quite diminished. After their care and prescribed regimen, I physically feel years younger and my quality of life has significantly improved. They have accomplished much in months of care compared to the years of care in the VA system."
    Jethro D.
  • "No Pain!
    Chiropractic care irons out my spinal wrinkles!"
    Paula K.
  • "Great office

    I am much more conscious of posture and trouble spots. I definitely feel better all around and I love the positive energy and affirmation I receive each visit from everyone."
    Karen K.
  • "Back on the field

    Chiropractic put me back out on the soccer field when pain almost had me benched."
    Karri R.
  • "Great Experience!!

    I have been coming to Drs Olar for two years now. I am getting better and better with every visit. I can’t even express the gratitude for their family atmosphere and their caring, gentle, compassionate attitude toward me and my family."
    Cheryl M.
  • "Long Term Pain Relief

    I have been suffering the affects of a car accident, fibromyalgia and mirganes over the course of 20 years. Being in pain everyday is emotionally and physically draining and became a serious roadblock in my job, hobbies, and daily life. I was referred by another patient. I now know when I receive an adjustment I can experience pain relief, better sleep, and overall better health. If I have an issue, I know I can receive and adjustment which will instantly help! Everything such as my feet or sinuses!… Traditional chiropractic helped, but wasn’t ultimately giving me long term pain releif."
    Jenny H.
  • "Priceless.

    I sleep better and am able to relax after adjustments…Priceless."
    Brandon B.
  • "Chiropractic & Low Level Laser Therapy

    My major complaint was a pressure sore that did not heal. Seeing Dr. Olar in 4 visits {of laser therapy} it was gone. Much to the amazemetn of my Internist and he remains pleased and still amazed. I had suffered this problem one year and may dr visits to my dermatologist. Also Dr treats me for a skin rash, it is leaving and circulation and pain problems over 4 years with my back. I just sent my dog, a dachshund, who has has pain in her back a week for an adjustment. She could not jump on her favorite chair or use the ramp by the bed, she is now doin that with ease. We are greateful for this miricle. Dr Olar has made my life so much better, as well as less stressful. I am so greatful to find this fine doctor."
    Maddie O.
  • "Thank You!

    I want to thank you for all of the fantastic care you have given me. I cannot tell you how pleased I am that you took the time and cared enough to try to solve my health problems."
    Alicia C.
  • "Relief

    “I heard about the doctors after research at Activator.com for doctors in our area with advance profiency…Dr. Olar did a through exam, evaluation, treatment plan, and explaination.–His treatment gives me relief that allows me to sleep better, do more activities with little to no pain and more enjoyment. life is more relaxing and enjoyable.”"
    Ed R
  • "I feel like I’m 14 again!

    I’ve been seeing the Dr Olar’s now for over two years. The first reason I love being treated by them is their positive attitude. The second is their willingness to listen to me as a patient. No more being handled to get adjusted. The fifth is that fact that I have new friends who’s focus is my healing. I was in a car accident. My “Physician” kept upgrading my “Medication” to treat my migraine headaches. He treated the symptoms and not the cause. Well, I was a non-believer in Chiropractic healing. A friend of mine recommended Chiropractice care. It was proven to me Mathematically as to why the “Medication” would never solve my condition, only mask it. Thru Chiropractic care I am able to lead a normal life again without prescription pain maskers. I’m back to golfing! I recommend the Dr Olar’s to my friends and my own clients!!"