Low Level Laser Therapy


laser in use

Dr. George and Stefanie Olar offer the latest technological advancements in enhancing the body’s ability to heal! The FDA approved Erchonia Low Level Laser  is another step in facilitating the road to optimizing your health.Low level lasers are proven to be effective in reducing and eliminating acute and chronic pain in the neck and shoulders. Combined with forms of chiropractic and therapy, the Erchonia lasers can help patients lead a normal, active, and healthy life without debilitating pain.  Ask the doctor about your condition and if low level laser therapy is right for you!

How does the laser work?

The Erchonia Low Level Laser is programmed to a specific wavelength (protocol), based on your condition, and is shined on the area of concern. The laser stimulates the cell activation, which, in turn, intensifies physiologic activity. Healing is essentially a cellular process and light energy initiates a cascade of reactions, from cell membrane, to the cytoplasm, to the nucleus, and DNA.
There are many biological processes that take place in the tissues that have been shown to respond to Low Level Laser therapy wavelength range (protocols). One of these processes is the enhancement of ATP production in the mitochondria, which provides more energy substrate for cellular healing and tissue recovery post injury. The wavelength has also been shown to decrease inflammatory mediators in wounds and increase endogenous endorphin release.
Low Level Laser therapy, as a category, covers a broad range of wavelengths (protocols). Individual protocols have individual physiologic results. One of our doctors will tailor the treatment to your specific condition.

Will the treatment hurt?

This treatment is completely non-invasive. Some may feel a slight warmth in the area of treatment from the light but most feel nothing at all.

Is Low Level Laser therapy right for my condition?

We have had great success in Low Level Laser therapy treatments at our office for a variety of conditions; however, not everyone’s condition is the same. As always, 360 Chiropractic offers a FREE, no-obligation consultation, so you get a chance to sit down and meet with one of our doctors to discuss your case, and find out if Low Level Laser therapy is right for you.